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Previous developments:
There are different works in relation with this project, that was developed in previous works for the research groups participating in the project. Some of these systems are:

  • EVOCOM ver 2.0 : EVOlutionary COMputation Matlab Toolbox
    • Contact with:  
    • Authors: Eva Besada Portas, Jose Antonio Lopez Orozco, Bonifacio de Andres Toro
    • EVOCOM is a versatile optimization Matlab toolbox that provides the framework for developing different Evolutionary Algorithms. It can be used as a traditional GA, or for solving genetic programming and/or multiobjective problems. It can work with different kinds of constraints, codifications (numeric and/or symbolic) and in different domains.
    • Proyect:  CRIBAV
  • Simulation Environment for real time control: Application to ship control.
  • Environment for robustness analysis of controllers, application to ship control
  • MIBAV: Simulink Model for research in control systems for high speed craft
  • Matlab library for identification of transfer functions with constrained by Genetic algorithm and non-linear optimisation methods (application to non linear ship modelling) and tuning of QFT controllers (applications to ship control).
  • Automatic Code Generator for Real-Time Control
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