barcos cooperantes VAMCoop
The project is divided in four subprojects:

Subproject 1 (UNED): control strategies for control and dynamic positioning for ships in cooperative actions.

  • Mathematical modeling of vehicles.
  • Develop and implementation of control systems and algorithms for dynamic positioning.
  • Develop and implementation of control algorithm for manoeuvring.
  • Simulation environment of stage.

Subproject 2 (UCM): design and implementation of on board systems, and cooperative methodologies and protocols.

  • Design of modes and protocols of cooperation.
  • Modular system of control.
  • Communication system
  • Automatic generator of code.
  • Experimental system

Subproject 3 (UNICAN): Environment for cooperative marine vehicles.

  • Design of stages
  • Simulation environment of stages.
  • Study of control system integration in real ships.
  • Design and implementation of control algorithm.

Subproject 4 (UPM): Design of marine vehicles for cooperative actions.

  • Design of a set of marine vehicles.
  • Definition of tests and trials for different cooperative actions.
  • Communications systems.
  • Construction of a set of scaled marine vehicles.
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